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Southern Oregon's Favorite Marijuana Dispensary

Welcome to our new website

Talent Health Club is now open! We are here to serve the Oregon Marijuana community, and our knowledgeable and professional staff is here to help you find the best cannabis products for you! We carry premium flower, extracts, medibles, and clones. We specialize in Top Shelf flower, both indoor and sun-grown. Come in and see us today!

Our dispensary

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Top Shelf Cannabis
We stock so many awesome Top-Shelf Flowers from the best growers in Southern Oregon. Please check our menu to find your favorite.
We stock some great Extracts and Concentrates from tested flowers. Please see our menu for a list.
Edibles provide a great alternative to smoking or vaporizing cannabis and come in a wide assortment of forms. See our menu for the edibles we are currently carrying. Don’t see what you like? We get them fresh every week so call us and we’ll do our best to get you what you want.
We strive to provide the best genetics! All of our clones' mothers have been hand picked by their respected breeders/growers, to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We inspect our clones for mold and bugs and only use organic fertilizers and perst control.

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Our mission

  • To better understand and facilitate the needs of our customers, making sure they have the most enjoyable and comfortable experiences with marijuana.
  • To respect and honor the laws about marijuana set forth by the state of Oregon under the OLCC.
  • Inspire moments of optimism and happiness...
  • To create and maintain an atmosphere in our dispensaries based on professionalism, compassion, security, and privacy.
  • To provide the widest variety of the highest grade marijuana for our customers at all of our dispensaries
  • To set the highest standard for customer service in the cannabis industry

Our Philosophy

Our focus is on small sustainable farms with an emphasis on the artisan and cottage industry. Together we can build a strong rural economy.

These are monumental days for Marijuana. Every day we are seeing a major shift. We strive to bring love and compassion to our community while staying committed to our roots. Some people still don't understand or agree with Marijuana.  Please… lets' all remember to remain open-minded, kind, and we can all work together.

The Flight

The Flight: You get a gram of each of the TOP four Strains for only $40+TAX

Membership Benefits

Membership includes:

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Quicker Checkout

New quicker checkout..

ATM Machine

Our lobby has a ATM Machine available for your convenience.

We are here to serve the Southern Oregon Medical Marijuana community.

Our knowledgeable and professional staff is available to help match you up with that perfect medicine!


The Dispensary

We do our best to maintain a friendly and comfortable environment for our customers. The dispensary is clean, modern, and well lit.

The Extras

We sell a wide variety of cannabis books, vaporizers, glass and accessories.

Cup Winning Strains

Enjoy a nice selection of cup winning strains

Certified Clean Green

Talent Health Club is a Clean Green Certified Processor/Handler.
Certified Clean Grean stand for sustainable practices and environmental stewardship.

Premium Cannabis

From Southern Oregon’s best farmers and producers.

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"Talent Health Club has more of a professional atmosphere than other places I have visited locally. Their Menu is up-to-date, and the product you see, is the product you get. I'll be returning soon!"


"I love the environment at Talent Health Club(THC).. The space is bright and inviting! I personally love that everything is already weighed! That makes it much faster to be in and out. I have always been very happy with everything I have purchased there. Now they have daily specials too! Making the THC even better!!!"


"Just want to say again, how great are these guys. I had a repetitive issue with an item. They took care of it each time, no problem. That just makes me want to buy more! Best dispensary between here and Eugene! They know customer service!"


"Love this place!! They always have exactly what I'm looking for, and more! :)"