Q: What do I need to become a patient at Talent Health Club?

For your first visit  you will need to bring in your valid Oregon Medical Marijuana Patient ID card along with another form of photo ID. You will have to bring in the physical copy of your OMMP card everytime you visit, we cannot accept your approved application papers. We are also an Oregon state licensed facility so we cannot see out of state medical patients, sorry!


Q: What is the process to receive my medical marijuana card?

You'll need to see your doctor, naturopath, or certification clinic to review your medical records and see if you have a qualifying condition, and then preform your certification service. Generally you'll pay your clinic somewhere around $175, and then the cost for an annual medical marijuana card is $200 a year unless you are receiving food stamps, Oregon Health Plan benefits, SSI (Supplemental Security Income), or are receiving VA disability benefits. . Once your certification has been processed you should receive your card in the mail within a few weeks.


Q: How much medicine can I have with my card?

At any one time, every patient in Oregon may have, in their name, 24 ounces of dried, usable Medical Marijuana. That means all of your dried, usable medicine, where ever it is being stored must not exceed 24 ounces at one time. That does not mean that you can have 24 ounces at your house, another 24 ounces at your caregiver's home and another 24 ounces out at your grower's place.

You may also have, at your designated grow site, up to 6 mature Medical Marijuana plants, and up to 18 starts or seedlings. State law defines a mature Medical Marijuana plant as ANY plant which is taller than 12 inches, more than 12 inches around at the widest part of the canopy, or in bud (flower). We do have clones available for purchase but we are not allowed to carry seeds.


Q: Can I bring non-patients into the dispensary with me?

Unfortunately only OMMP card holders are allowed into the back of the dispensary, but we do have a comfortable waiting room where people of all ages are welcome sit while you complete your visit.


Q: What kind of medication do you carry? Do you have medication that is helpful for cancer and seizure patients?

Talent Health Club aims to give our patients as many options for medicating as possible. We carry dried flower, concentrates (wax, crumble, shatter, oil, etc.), edibles (candy, baked goods), topicals (lotion, balm), and even some paraphernalia to help get you on your way. Our products have a wide price range to accommodate all our patients and we always have specials during the week.

We carry Rick Simpson Oil and CO2 oil, since THC is a major component known to have anti-cancer and anti-seizure properties many patients use oil have found helpful in treating multiple symptoms related to both cancer and chemo.


Q: How can I sell my product in your store?

Generally we consider Mondays our vendor day, if you're interested in selling something to use you can call or come in to arrange an appointment. At this time we are looking for indoor flower, high grade extracts, and products rich in CBD.  We require that you bring in at least one pound (454g) per flower strain or 56g of extract to the appointment, and that your flower be fully cured (6 weeks). All medicine must be tested for potency/mold/pesticides, you can bring in your own test results or we can send the product to a facility with your testing fee.  Talent Health Club offers the highest standards for the medical cannabis community. Many cultivators bring new strains and offerings several times before we accept their medicine, so please don't be discouraged if we don't accept your medicine the first time.


Q: You seem to have a lot of options for medicine, how do the different methods of consumtion vary?

Everyone patient may have different effects with their medication so we cannot say exactly how any one product will affect you, but we do have some basic rules to stand by. If smoking or vaporizing marijuana you should feel the effects almost immediately, this way you will know how much you have consumed and how much is too much. Concentrates have a much higher percentage of THC than dried flower, so take heed to not consume too much in a short amount of time before you are aware what your tolerance is. When eating edibles it can take from 20 minutes to four hours to fully feel the effect, so try to start small and have patience! Topicals are applied directly to the skin and will not get you 'high', you should start feeling relief withing 5 minutes.